The Mask

You can play the part and wear the mask
Be another circus monkey performing the expected task
The price is at hand, your life is all they ask
When finally you realize your dream is an illusion,
Hidden behind a desk
If you can remember it for so long have you been hypnotized
All your opinions, ideas and laughter
All your thoughts, dreams and expectations
It's an honest attempt,
Of that you shouldn't be ashamed
'Coz even if it's your own fault,
Society's to be blamed
For all the unwritten rules
You will, and have, sustained
Break through, run free,
Your life will never be the same
Or are you just another wild beast
Waiting to be tamed
But wouldn't that really be in vain
Wouldn't it ultimately drive you insane
Knowing that all you live, feel and breathe
Is a lie
That you never knew differently
´Til the day you eventually die
Realizing that never once have you lived
You were just here passing by
And never really enjoyed the ride.

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