Chillum Dreams

Are you friend or are you foe
Ghost from the past who won’t leave me alone
I’m lost, senseless, got nowhere to roam
So many faults, too many mistakes, one day too must I grow

My heart and soul I no longer own
Trusted them to the one I loved and used to know
Now I drag myself through life but I feel much too empty
Found out the hard way that of such gift and trust you weren’t worthy

Fighting and striving, wanting to be known
Yet no one will ever have an image of you quite like my own
See, to me you were already shining brightly to eternity
Blinded by love I failed to see that we were never meant to be

Soon another battle I will have to fight
So happy, so scared to read your message tonight
I’m tired, stoned, I think of you and I can’t sleep
Sometimes I curse this feeling for being so deep

Already too late, I’ve made up my mind
I will love you forever but tonight I kiss you goodbye
You stole my heart and soul and that I can never forgive
Heartless and soulless...You’ve left me with nothing to give

Chillum dreams and twisted vibes
Never could read in between the lines
Best if you focus on plain black and white
I too would live in ignorance,
And forever forget you sight



poesia hm?
temos poeta e escreve em ingles :) hmmhmmmm

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