People Always Leave

Why do people always leave
Do they ever look back
Their gift is disbelief
and a route just off the track

Why do people always leave
Most never even come back
What's left is some wicked sense of grief
In a sky perfectly pitch black

Close your eyes to the endless rewind
In your dreams they'll never kiss you goodbye
For you can never unwind, can't ever have peace of mind
No matter how fast you run or how well you hide

You can hold on to the light
Gather all you can harness
but once the lights are out
It's really all the same darkness

People always leave
Maybe I just drive them away
So I toast to the fallen and deceased
Void of thoughts and wity words to say

I'm sorry I drove you away...


Anonymous said...

Gostei muito, super intenso, ainda bem que apanhei o link para o teu blog perdido num post qualquer em um outro blog. Mas achas boa ideia deixares a tua escrita assim, desprotegida?

Essays on Idleness said...

antes assim a nunca ninguém a ler. de qualquer maneira, porque é que alguém quereria roubar as parvoíces que para aqui escrevo :)